10 Things You Need To Know About Adding More Organic Produce To Your Diet

10 Things You Need To Know About Adding More Organic Produce To Your Diet

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10 Things You Need To Know About Adding More Organic Produce To Your Diet


1. Potential health risks of eating GMOs. There is a large amount of food that most of us eat that has unregulated experiments with Genetically Modified food. Choose not to be a part of that experiment. 

2. Organic just tastes better. I know that this is subjective to each person. But I truly believe (and many others with me) that organic tastes so much better. 

3. Eating organic may reduce the risk of cancer. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers many of the chemicals used in non-organic farming to be potentially cancer causing. Avoid these toxic chemicals and reduce your risk of cancer.

4. Organic still contains fewer pesticides than conventional. The fact is that we would never purposely drink or eat poison, but when you eat non-organic you are consuming a little at a time. 

5. Preserve our ecosystem. Organic food has been around for centuries. It is a sustainable eco-system and does not harm the surrounding environment. 

6. Reduce pollution and protect our soil. Unlike pesticides and other chemical used in non-organic farming, organic farming is safe for the soil and will allow the continual production of delicious and safe food.

7. Support farming directly. When you buy organic directly from small farmers you are supporting a small business. Not only are you eating healthy, but you are also supporting your neighbor and your community.

8. Keep our children and our future safe. Children are far more susceptible to pesticides and other chemicals used on unregulated produce. 

9. Organic has been tested for generations. Organic living was the only kind of living for many years. It was the only way of life before the onset of chemical interference with crops and genetic modifications of plants. Our ancestors only ate organic.

10. Organic produce is higher in nutrition. Many studies from independent organizations have resulted in proving that organic food is consistently higher in nutrients then non-organic food.

11. Buying Organic helps reduce pollution in drinking water. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has produces estimates that point to pesticides polluting much of Americas drinking water.

Do you eat Organic? What do you think?


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