10 Things You Need To Do To Be A Better Friend

10 Things You Need To Do To Be A Better Friend

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Things To Do To Be A Better Friend

Deep friendship is a very valuable thing. I hope you are blessed with some best friends who stick by you. Learn to be a better friend to your friends and keep the cycle of love and friendship going strong!

1. Be honest. A real friend is honest. Don’t keep silent when the truth needs to be spoken. Don’t lie when an honest answer is needed.

2. Push them to grow. A good friend is someone who brings out the best in you and challenges you to be a better person. 

3. Be “there” Be the friend that walks in when everyone else walks out.

4. Be who you are. Be vulnerable. Show yourself. Don’t be what you think your friend wants. Be who you truly are.

5. Don’t wait to be asked. A good friend will do what needs to be done without waiting to be asked. See the need and take care of it!

6. Laugh and Cry with them. When they are laughing, laugh. When they are crying, cry. Experience their emotion with them. 

7. Forgive easily. No one is perfect. Eventually we all make mistakes. Be quick to forgive and don’t hold grudges.

8. Be loyal. A true friend will stick by someone through the good and the bad. Don’t be quick to drop a friendship. Be loyal to them and your friendship.

9. Be accepting. A good friend doesn’t try to make you be someone you are not. They accept you for all your faults and your talents. 

10. Cheer for them and encourage them. Be the biggest cheerleader for your friends! Encourage them to be their best and be happy for them when they succeed.

How else could you be a better friend?


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