10 Things You Must Know For Potty Training Success
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10 Things You Must Know For Potty Training Success

10 Things You Must Know For Potty Training Success

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Potty Training is a Big job! It can be a simple transition or a long battle with your child. There is a lot of advice and resources out there. But I have found that some simple advice to know before you start training to set you and your child up for success. One thing is for sure… Potty Training is a big accomplishment and should be Celebrated!!!

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1. There is no “magic” potty training age. Each child is special and unique. Just because my first child was ready at 24 months doesn’t mean that my third baby is ready at the same age. Don’t stress about the age of your child. 

2. Expose your child to the bathroom a LOT. Take them to the bathroom with you. Let them sit on the toilet. Feel the toilet paper. Cheer them on when they show interest in what to do in that “special” room.

3. Give them a special Potty or Seat. Show them that they have something special just for them to use in the bathroom. Build excitement about the special seat just for them.

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4. Read Potty Books with them or let them “Play” with stuffed animals or dolls going potty. Hands on learning and visual play can really help children to learn a new concept. 

5. Purchase Pull-Ups before beginning training. The Pull-Ups with Disney Character prints were of course our favorites! There is something special about being able to pull up and down your own pants and “do it on your own” for a child.

6. Set a timer. Part of potty training a child is training yourself to ask them to go. Set a timer and make a practice of trying to go every 20-40 minutes. This will also help them to get used to sitting on the potty.

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7. Be positive. Sometimes potty training can become frustrating. Maybe they just aren’t getting it. Or you have cleaned up the 5th accident of the day… We can all get worn down. Keep negative comments to yourself.

8. Have treats and surprises. Gather some small toys, stickers, or treats for rewards for them. 

9. Let them know you are proud. Let your child know how proud you are of them and how excited you are that they are getting big.

10. Join the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy. Pull-Ups wants you to know you and your child are not alone in the potty training journey. The Academy has so many thing to help you an motivate your child! From a getting started guide with tons of tips to exclusive offers and tons of fun! 

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