10 Things You Must Do With Kids In Las Vegas
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10 Things You Must Do With Kids In Las Vegas

10 Things You Must Do With Kids In Las Vegas

Thank you so much to The Las Vegas Monorail for partnering with us to bring you 10 things you must do with kids in Las Vegas.

1. Take a trip on the Las Vegas Monorail- Not only is the Las Vegas Monorail fun for the kids, it’s also the easiest and most economical way to get around town. It’s our number one way to get around town and it is air conditioned which is something that is a must in the heat of the summer.

2. Order Room Service- We like to get out and about when we are on vacation so we don’t often order room service, but there is something really exciting about the room service in Las Vagas and the kids love it. 

3. Go Swimming- Okay this seems pretty basic, but in Las Vegas there are some really awesome pools and you have to plan out some time to take the kids swimming. We like to go right when the pool opens in the morning. It’s not as hot out and there are no crowds to worry about. Just a lot of space to have some fun in the pool.

4. Try New Food- There are so many places to eat in Las Vegas. Be adventuresome and try something new!

5. See a show- These are amazing shows playing in Las Vegas and many of them are very kid friendly. Be sure to see at least one.

6. Take A Picture At The Welcome Sign- We do this every year and it’s so fun to see the kids grow up when looking back at them each year.

7. Take A Street Scene Picture- I normally throw the kids in the picture too and/or let them pick their favorite scene.  This is The Little One’s pick and she asks me to show it to her so she can remember the trip.

8. Go Shopping- There are amazing stores in Las Vegas and some great outlet malls too!

9. Enjoy the Performers- They are everywhere. Most of them work for tips so bring some money with you for a personal performance or watch from afar. Either way, be sure to enjoy the show!

10. Walk through the hotels- Be sure to take some time just to walk around. Each hotel is an experience and you never know what you will see. The lights and excitement are fun for everyone, kids and adults alike! 


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