10 Things I Do As A Mom That I Said I Never Would Do

10 Things I Do As A Mom That I Said I Never Would Do

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10 Things I Do As A Mom That I Said I Never Would Do

Things I do as a mom that I said I never would do

1. Character shoes. I swore I wouldn’t let my kids wear annoying light up character shoes and the second my daughter wanted some I was there buying them.

2. Leave The House Without Makeup. I just knew that I would always have time or make time to be perfectly presentable at every moment. Who knew that sometimes there just wouldn’t be time.

3. Wear Yoga pants to the store. I swore I would never be so lazy to wear my yoga pants on errands. I don’t view it as lazy now, it is comfy and smart

4. Allow my kids to eat junk food. I vowed that my kids would eat perfectly healthy at every moment. But I realized that a cupcake is not going to kill them.

5. Allow my children to watch TV before 2 years old I just knew that if I let my kids watch TV before they were 2 their brains would turn to mush and I would be a horrible mom. A few episode of Disney Junior actually helped them learn to count and allowed me to crash on the couch for a minute.

6. Let my kids behave that way in public. Of course, I swore my kids would be perfectly behaved at all times when we were in public. And then, my bubble burst. I’m careful to always move them away from other people, but still!

7. Allow my house to look like THAT. There was no way I would ever let my house be overtaken by toys, laundry, and little shoes thrown everywhere. And now I realize that life happens and a clean house is not always the priority.

8. Use my moms words on my own kids.  I hated the phrases my mom used on me. Now some days I open my mouth and my mom comes out.

9. Bribe my kids with a treat or toy. I knew my kids would always listen right away without any negotiation, but I have become the Ultimate Negotiator.

10. Talk about my kids as much as I do. When I was child-less I swore I wouldn’t talk non stop about my kids… but once I saw them I was in love… and couldn’t stop talking about them!

What do you do as a mom that you said you wouldn’t? 


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