10 Things Happy People Do Everyday

10 Things Happy People Do Everyday

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10 Things Happy People Do


There is something about happy people that draws you in. A smile, contentment, a positive outlook on life makes such a difference in your every day life. I want to be happy in my life and help those around me to be happy too!

1. Smile Allow happiness to come out of you. A smile lets the world know you are happy to be alive. Smiles are contagious. Give one to someone and they will give one to someone else.

2. Say I love you Expressing love to the ones we care about helps us know that we have special people in our lives that make us happy. Say I love you often and be thankful when you hear it back.

3. Count their blessings Take time every day to reflect on the good things in your life. You will be surprised at how long your list is. Don’t forget the little things too!

4. Find good in every situation Every situation has something good to take from it. Although we may not choose to go through those situations, knowing that it will be a lesson learned and wisdom gained is something to be thankful for.

5. Make the best of what they have You may not have everything, but you can use what you have! Many times we do have more than enough. Learn to use what is right in front of you and in your hand to accomplish your goals.

6. Don’t compare themselves to others  When you compare yourself to others you are literally setting yourself up for failure. Either you fall way short or you give yourself false confidence because you think yourself to be better than someone else.

7. Practice Kindness Helping someone else is a way to feel super wonderful inside. Selfless acts helps you to feel good about yourself and those around you. You will be releasing happiness from the inside.

8. Learn to forgive Nothing will steal your happiness away faster than holding onto anger and bitterness. You cannot be happy and bitter at the same time. Forgive quickly and learn to let things roll off your back.

9. Commit to their goals Be whole-hearted committed to your goals. Get the ball rolling and use the momentum to continue to power you through to accomplish much. There is something so satisfying about accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams.

10. Take care of their body Studies have been conducted that show consistent exercise raises happiness levels as much as Zoloft. Eating right and exercising will boost your energy and keep you feeling good. 



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