10 Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

10 Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

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10 Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

10 Shows on Netflix

I’ve been using Netflix more and more and I’ve been discovering some really great new to me shows the more I watch. Here are 10 shows you should be watching on Netflix: 

1. Alaska: The last frontier This reality show in the Alaskan Frontier follows a family living life with little modern comforts. This family has no plumbing, hunts for their food, and everyday is awed by the sheer beauty of the wild Alaskan frontier. Watch this family get back to the basics of life.

2. Orange is the new black This series revolves around a woman sentenced to 15 months in prison for her involvement with an international drug smuggler. Both heartbreaking and hilarious, watch the drama that unfolds in a women’s prison. 

3. Supernatural This series follows two brothers on their journey to hunt down demons, monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural beings around the world. It is full of twists and turns as these brothers bring to justice the death of their mother.

4. House of Cards Set in Washington D.C., House of Cards is a political drama. Blackmail, seduction and ambition will grab you as you follow a democrat who decides to get his revenge on those that have betrayed him.

5. Drop Dead Diva An aspiring model, Deb, is killed in a car crash and wakes up at the gates of heaven where she finds her way back to earth. She realizes that her body is not her old body, she is now in the body of Jane, a plus-size lawyer. Watch as Deb stumbles to find her way in this new body and life.

6. Parenthood This is a good old American comedy. This series tells the story of the Braverman clan. The clan consists of an elderly couple, their four children and their families. Everyone can relate to the family drama and comedy in this show.

7. Downton Abbey A British period drama, set in the early 1900s, follows the aristocrat Crawley family upstairs and the servants downstairs. Set in an era of progress and change you can follow the drama of both upstairs and downstairs in Downton Abbey.

8. Sherlock A contemporary adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes dective stories. Sherlock depicts a consulting detective who often recruits his roommate, Dr. Watson to help him solve the case. This series has become one of UK’s most watched series.

9. Lie To Me This series in an American crime drama. Using the Facial Coding System and body language The Lightman Group and Dr. Cal Lightman help solve crime by studying the body language and facial expressions expressed by criminals and victims. Though there are skeptics, Dr. Lightman is determined to bring out the truth using his applied psychology and interpretation of those micro movements in the face and body that scream what we are really thinking.

10. Doctor Who  This British Science Fiction Drama will pull you into the adventures of Dr. Who, a Time Lord, a humanoid, time-traveling alien. Dr. Who explores the Universe and time in his spaceship which appears to be a blue British police box. Along with a succession of companions, Dr. Who continually saves the world from destruction and faces all kinds of foes and adventures. 

Just added! Here are 10 more of the best shows on Netflix. 

What is your favorite Netflix show?


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